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Why Choose Us? 為甚選擇我們?

How We Can Help You 我們如何幫助您

How We Can Help You 我們如何幫助您

  • Highly Experience Physiotherapists 多年經驗的物理治療師 
  • Scientific and Medically Proven Results 科學和醫學證明的臨床結果
  • English, Mandarin, Hokkien  Chinese Speaking 會說英語,普通話,福建話
  • Telehealth physiotherapy is an effective way to deliver rehabilitation services when access due to distance, disability or by choice (due to COVID 19 self-isolation) for in-person attendance is not possible.


How We Can Help You 我們如何幫助您

How We Can Help You 我們如何幫助您

How We Can Help You 我們如何幫助您

  •  Experiencing aches and pains or suffering from an injury?  Our expert physiotherapists can help to restore your quality of life. 經歷疼痛或受苦嗎?我們的專業物理治療師可以幫助您恢復生活品質 
  •  Recovery from injury, and prevention of a recurring injury, is greatly  improved with an exercise program customised to your needs. We assess  and manage your exercise needs.  通過根據您的需求定制的鍛煉計劃,可以大大改善傷害恢復和預防反復發作的傷害。我們評估和管理您的運動需求。
  • Ongoing strengthening and exercise is essential for recovery for various  muscular and joint conditions. We offer tailored rehabilitation  programs to help you every step of the way. 持續的強化和鍛煉對於各種肌肉和關節疾病的恢復至關重要。我們提供量身定制的康復計劃,以幫助您的每一步。


See the Difference 看到不同

How We Can Help You 我們如何幫助您

See the Difference 看到不同


  • Each treatment we provide is tailored to the patient's needs to ensure that they are receiving the most effective strategy to manage their pain or treat an injury. 我們提供的每項治療均根據患者的需求量身定制,以確保他們接受最有效的策略來控制疼痛或治療傷害。
  • We employ specialist massage and manipulation techniques to assess, diagnose and treat people suffering from injury or chronic muscular and joint problems. Using both evidence-based research and clinical knowledge, we can quickly relieve pain as well as offer long-term  recovery. 我們採用專業按摩和操作技術來評估,診斷和治療患有受傷或慢性肌肉和關節問題的人。使用基於證據的研究和臨床知識,我們可以快速緩解疼痛并提供長期恢復。
  • Treatment may include soft tissue therapy, electrotherapy, dry needling,  tailored exercise programs and guidance to help maintain fitness, prevent injuries and boost health. 治療可能包括軟組織治療,電療,幹針,量身定制的鍛煉計劃和指導,以幫助保持健康,預防傷害和促進復原。 

Our Services 我們的服務


Exercise Therapy for Rehabilitation 運動復健治療

Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy for Post Surgery 手術後復健治療

Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy for Post Surgery 手術後復健治療

  •  We provide a range of effective exercises to improve the strength, function and flexibility of the affected area. Our team are trained to prescribe the most appropriate exercises, level of exercise and time-frame for your individual needs and rehabilitation goals.我們提供一系列有效的練習,以提高受影響地區的力量,功能和靈活性。我們的團隊經過培訓,可以為您的個人需求和康復目標規定最合適的鍛煉,鍛煉水平和時間範圍。
  • Computer software generated exercise programs are tailored to each of our patients, so you’ll always be able to complete movements that you’re comfortable and confident with. 電腦軟體的鍛煉計劃是為我們每個患者量身定制的,因此您將始終能夠完成您感到舒適和自信的運動。
  • Many exercises can easily be completed at home and involve varied  strength building, stretching and re-training movements to get your body working to its best ability.  許多練習可以很容易地在家完成,涉及不同的力量建設,伸展和重新訓練動作,讓你的身體發揮最大的能力。 


Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy for Post Surgery 手術後復健治療

Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy for Post Surgery 手術後復健治療

Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy for Post Surgery 手術後復健治療


Are you recovering from surgery and want to claim back your full independence? We can help you get back to normal life as soon as possible. 您是否正在從手術中恢復並想要恢復您的完全獨立生活?我們可以幫助您盡快恢復正常生活。 


Common surgeries which our physiotherapists can help you with include 我們的物理治療師可以幫助您的常見手術包括 :

  • Ankle and foot – ligament repair, fracture, ankle reconstruction, spur removal, arthroscope, bunionectomy 踝關節和足 - 韌帶修復,骨折,踝關節重建,骨刺切除,關節鏡,囊腫切除術
  • Wrist and hand – fracture, carpal tunnel release 手腕和手 - 骨折,腕管釋放
  • Shoulder – fracture, rotator cuff repair, capsulotomy, shoulder reconstruction, stabilisation, acromioplasty 肩部 - 骨折,肩袖修復,囊切開術,肩部重建,穩定,肩峰成形術
  •  Elbow – fracture, Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow release 肘部 - 骨折,網球和高爾夫球手的肘部釋放
  • Hip – fracture, hip replacements or resurfacing, labral repair, arthroscope 髖部 - 骨折, 換髖關節或表面置換,盂唇撕裂修復, 關節鏡 
  • Neck and back – spinal fusion, discectomy, micro-discectomy, laminectomy 頸部和背部 - 脊柱融合,椎間盤切除術,微創椎間盤切除術,椎板切除術 
  •  Knee – fracture, ACL and ligament reconstruction, knee replacement,  meniscal repair, lateral release, patella tendon transfer, chondroplasty 膝關節 - 骨折,前交叉韌帶重建和其他韌帶重建,換人造膝關節,半月板修復,側向肌腱釋放,髕骨肌腱轉移,軟骨成形術
  • Calf – Achilles tendon repair, fasciotomy 小腿 - 跟腱修復,筋膜切開術


Soft Tissue Therapy 軟組織治療

Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy for Post Surgery 手術後復健治療

Soft Tissue Therapy 軟組織治療

Sometimes your body needs some hands on help. It needs massage, joint manipulation or mobilisation to help in the healing process. 有時你的身體需要一些幫助. 它需要按摩, 伸展或運動來幫助治療過程。 

 Manual physiotherapy consists of numerous massaging and manipulation  techniques which can provide relief for people suffering from problems  such as headaches, or back, neck and muscular pain.   


Modality Used 使用治療模式


  • Ultrasound - Ultrasound therapy involves the therapeutic use of high frequency vibration to reduce swelling, promote healing and assist in scar tissue remodelling. This is achieved by cellular vibration causing a biostimulatory effect in the injured tissue. 超聲波治療涉及高頻振動的治療,以減少腫脹,促進癒合並有助於瘢痕組織重塑。這通過細胞振動實現,從而在受損組織中引起生物刺激作用。


  • Interferential Current - Interferential current is another form of electrotherapy. A wave current passes through the body and helps to reduce muscle spasm, pain and inflammation.


  • LASER - LASER light that causes cellular and tissue changes which result in physiological effects with a therapeutic benefit such as pain relief, anti‐inflammatory effects, tissue healing, nerve injury repair, and promotion of lymphatic drainage.激光治療 - 激光導致細胞和組織變化,具有生理效應,具有治療效果,如緩解疼痛,抗炎作用,組織癒合,神經損傷修復和促進淋巴引流.
  • Dry needling - Dry needling can reduce myofascial pain related to trigger points.  幹針是一種涉及非常薄的針灸針刺激觸發點的治療方法。幹針可以釋放與觸發點相關的緊密肌肉帶,並導致疼痛減輕和功能改善。


Our Team 我們的團隊


George Tsai 喬治蔡

George graduated from La Trobe University with a Graduate Certificate in  Sports Physiotherapy in 2005 and Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in  2008.   


 George has more than 17 years of experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal and sports related injuries. He was the consultant to the Australian Men’s Handball team between 2006-2012 and traveled extensively nationally and internationally. He has a focus on sport related injuries with attention to an accurate diagnosis, a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, safe return to play and preventative strategies. He sees athletes of all levels of participation from the elite to recreational.  喬治在治療肌肉骨骼和運動相關損傷方面擁有超過17年的經驗。他曾經是2006-12年間澳大利亞國家男子手球隊的顧問物理治療師,並跟隨國家隊參與在國內和國際間的競賽。他專注於運動相關的傷害,注重準確的診斷,全面的康復計劃,安全的回歸球場和預防策略。 


Elaine Ng 伊萊恩黃

 Elaine is one of our friendly specialist receptionists who can speak your language and is knowledgeable to help with all you need to know coming here.  She can speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. She is a wonderful assistant to everyone so make sure you say hello to her when you are here. Elaine是我們友好的專業接待員之一,可以說您的語言,並且知識淵博,可以幫助您了解到達此處所需的一切。她會說一口流利的普通話,廣東話和馬來語。她是每個人的好助手,所以當你在這裡時,請確保你向她問好。 


Gracie Sia 格雷西謝

 Gracie is another one of our friendly specialist receptionists  with the additional responsibilities as the Business and Office Manager. She is very capable at handling your queries and brings order to a very busy and growing office. She also speaks fluent Mandarin.   



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